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Kacy Carlsen - Favorite Podcasts

I thought I would share where I receive a lot of my inspiration, knowledge, and motivation to become better each day.

I listen to podcasts and audiobooks regularly and they have really helped me to grow as a person and with my business.  I learn something new every time and things that I can actually put into practice in my daily life, in business and inspire my team.

Today I am going to share my favorite podcasts.   Everything from entrepreneurship, health, relationships, and alignment. These are my go-to podcasts when I need that daily dose of motivation.

The School of Greatness – Lewis Howes

Lewis a former pro athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur.  He has written several successful books and is truly an inspiration for anyone who has had a dream of what their life should have been like but ended up going down a different road.

I love Lewis' podcasts because of his interview style. He always has very interesting guests.  The information is always different and allows you to receive multiple perspectives from all types of people.  Entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, health, and fitness, spiritually, etc.  You might be thinking that gathering all of this mixed information could cause you confusion if you are looking for answers, but it's actually the opposite.  What you end up learning Is there is no right way to get where you want to go, just the right way for you.  You will also find universal themes. While it's good to gather information and perspectives, just use what really speaks to you and things you believe will actually work for your own life and create your own universe.

Lewis also asks very thought-provoking questions.  My challenge to you is to try and answer those questions yourself as if you were being interviewed.  You will be surprised at the number of questions you find very difficult to answer on the spot and that will really get you thinking..."What is my purpose?" "What are my goals" and "What mark do I want to leave on this earth?"

If you need some inspiration, add this podcast to your list.


Bulletproof Radio – Dave Asprey

If you are interested in living a very long life and anti-aging, you definitely need to listen to Dave Asprey.  Dave is the founder of Bulletproof coffee, which you may have heard of.  He is a self-proclaimed bio-hacker. In other words, he is trying to crack the code of getting old and how to live forever.  Okay, maybe not forever (that's sound exhausting), but longer than expected.

Dave also does an interview style with renowned experts. I will admit that he sometimes has these seriously intelligent doctors on the show and they are talking way over my head. I stay tuned anyway because he has a way of taking what they said and repeating it into English. Then you go "Oh, I get it now."

This podcast is all about your health, specifically your energy and your mind.  If you are struggling in these areas, he has some amazing insights how to get your brain running on all cylinders and how to get your gut in check.

If you are not familiar with the Bullet Proof lifestyle, I would recommend educating yourself on this as well. I try to adopt this way to eating into my life to keep my energy high. I say try because I am not perfect. The struggle is real (seriously) I go back and forth between "I just want to live my life and eat what I want and have fun" and "I have got to eat clean so I can more energy, think clearer and live a longer life". I imagine this is resonating with you.  The other thing is when you have this internal struggle you create stress for yourself, which exasperates the problem (weight), even more. What I found that works for me is the 80/20 rule.  By following a clean diet 80% of the time and allowing myself to join the office pizza party and birthday cake fun 20% of the time, the stress is alleviated. Listening to this podcast keeps me on the right health path.

If the idea of living a very long-life interests you, you need to listen to Dave, he has the answers.


The Lively Show – Jessica Lively

One of the things I have recently really gotten into is the Law of Attraction. I first got introduced to the law of attraction many years ago by watching that movie "The Secret", like most of us, have.  The law of attraction is actually so much in-depth than that thought. I am not even going try to and explain it, because I am no expert, I am a student. It is something I practice and am working on daily to keep mindset in check. If you like a challenge, I encourage to adopt this way of thinking. If you think you are already a positive person and just by thinking positive thoughts you are already doing this, there is way more to learn about this subject matter.

In my quest for trying to figure out why things were not happening for me the way I wanted them to, I ran across this YouTube video of "Abraham Hicks".  If you don't know who Abraham is, well no one really does, but "they" (I say they because it's not known if Abraham is male or female) are the consciousness of a lady named Esther Hicks.  This is an entirely whole other topic altogether that requires significant research to see if it's something you could even believe in or buy into. But, I do believe in this and Jess Lively is a person that can help explain many of these theories to you in a way that makes sense.

If you have ever heard the term "alignment" and thought what is that?  Jess can explain that to you as well. I can tell you that alignment is something you definitely want to be in and when you are in it, you will know it.

She also has guests with phenomenal stories about how the law of attraction and alignment played major roles in their lives and their successes.

If this area has ever interested you, give it a listen, even if just for entertainment purposes. I think you will become intrigued and want to delve deeper into these principals and get into the vortex!


More info on Abraham Hicks

Books I recommend
The Law of Attraction

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The Chalene Show – Chalene Johnson

For me, Chalene Johnson over many years has been and still is one of my major motivators.  I want to be Chalene!  Okay, I don't want to be "her", but I admire all of the things she has accomplished and has used her as a guide for things that I would like to become successful at.

Chalene has created this amazing brand for herself. She is probably best known for being a Beach Body instructor and coach, but she is so much more than that.  She just seems to have life all worked out.  I know she is human and she has her days just like us, but what I love about her is that she shares those days.  She is real and honest.

Her topics are all over the map.  I promise there will be something there for you to latch onto. Most importantly though, she just has a way of making you feel like you are not alone in whatever is going in your life and just an easy way of putting things into perspective while providing you with small changes that you can implement to get back on the right track.

Whether you need to lose weight, detox, cut cravings, de-clutter your life, get happy, make money, create more time, get organized or find some "me" time, she's got an episode for that -  guaranteed!

One other cool thing is that she lives right here in So Cal!  So, Chalene if you run across my blog some way, somehow and read this; let's do lunch! I promise not to fangirl out on you.


For now, these are my four go-to podcasts. I have plenty more on my list that I frequent and my favorites change over time. This varies depending on what I am into at the moment and my current stage of life.  Whenever I am searching for answers, I know they are out there. I know someone else has gone through what I am or feeling the way I am right now and they got through it. Why not learn from people that have been there done that?  I believe it’s a myth that we only learn through our own trial and errors. We can learn so much from others, just be open.

I am a knowledge junkie ya'll.  I take a lot in because I want to give a lot back.

Please enjoy these podcasts and these amazing people who take the time to share their knowledge with us.

Leave a comment and share your favorite podcast so I can give it a listen.