Deck The Halls 2012

I am so excited for my new theme this year!  Traditional RED & GREEN!

I am in LOVE with my tree and have been just sitting and staring at it for what seems like hours on end, haha!  But, you know I don’t have that many hours to spare, so I am slightly exaggerating.

So, this year I decided to take pics of my progress along the way since I have alot of people ask me  “How do you do it”?

Here we go….

I start with what I call will call the “trimmings”.  I used Deco Mesh this year and am loving this product.  It is so easy to use.  You can’t really mess it up.  First pic here is after the Deco Mesh was put on…

Next, we will add on some Red ribbon in between…

This next part I always get alot of comments about…the OVERLY large ornaments.  This part is really important. I feel like these really set everything off. They are large, and they are very eye catching.  Plus, they take up alot of space, therefore not needing as many filler ornaments. I think my favorites are the big Elves and old Santa dolls/figurines. I enjoy shopping for those in particular. It is hard to find BIG ornaments all at one place though.  These come from all different places, here and there. I just collect them from year to year build on it.  Sometimes you can find a matching sets, like there are four here that I got at Sam’s Club, that are super cute!

So now that we have all the LARGE ornaments in place.  I want to fill some more big open spaces.  I am OBSESSED with RIBBON! You have no idea how many different spools of ribbon I have going on there in this theme.   What I did was basically take 5 different ribbon patterns and secured them with a bent branch. I then curled the bottoms up to create just a really full look. I added a sparkling ornament in the center.  I did this in about four different areas of the tree.

At this point here, I have started adding in all the small/filler ornaments. Making sure to get some into the back areas where you can see through the tree. Can you spot Hello Kitty?  It’s like Where is Waldo in my world, lol 🙂

Last, but certainly not least….THE TOPPER!  This Snowman is actually a yard stake.  I just added some filler branches, etc.

To complete this look, I made a match wreath.  This is just a plain white wreath that I added Deco Mesh and ribbon to. Please note that none of the items are glued to the wreath. This way, you can re-use the wreath to match a new theme 🙂

Complete fireplace look….

Add a little sparkle…

Stayed tuned! I have more to do… kitchen, stairs, two more trees…OH MY!


Is It Time Yet?

It’s coming up on my favorite time of year again, CHRISTMAS! For those that know me, you know I love to decorate my house 🙂

Stay tuned for pics as I make my progress this year.

Here are some pics from the past two years…


White Christmas Tree       White Christmas Tree

Christmas Decor

Christmas Decor

Christmas Decor

Christmas Kitchen


Peacock Christmas Tree      Peacock Christmas Tree

Christmas Stair Case

Christmas Mantle


Fall…not so much

So, it is suppose to be FALL right now, even past fall, but here in sunny California, it sure does not feel like it.  It is a sunny 73 degrees as I type, and nothing fall about it 🙁

I really the love “the  feeling” of fall and missing it badly this year. I decided to get in the spirit anyway, hoping the fall gods would respond.

Here are some pics of my decor this year…..




Testing out my panorama…



The 28 Year Website

This past weekend we took a trip up the coast to visit The Hearst Castle.  Stan and I had been there before several years ago for an anniversary (can’t recall which one though).  Anyway, I thought it would be fun to take the boys for the weekend. Turns out Chris (marketing guru) and Alissa (niece) were interested in going as well. So, we made a family road trip out of it.

We decided to leave Friday after school and make our way to San Luis Obispo, CA to stay at the Madonna Inn.  Now, if you have never heard of, or seen the Madonna Inn, it really is a sight to be seen.  I am in LOVE with this place.  We stayed there before on our first trip, but I had to make sure the rest of the family got to experience it.

We got to the Madonna Inn about 9:30pm and have a reservation at the steak house.  I did not get a chance to visit the steak house last time, so I am very excited.  This place was just insane!  Talk about the most gaudy decor and over the topness I have ever seen.  I loved it! (btw, I am known for making up my own words)

They have these old style water goblets for drinking in all different colors.  They were just really cool looking, so I got a few for my own collection….


There was a live band playing and they were pretty good. Lots of people dancing and having a great time. The atmosphere was really fun and entertaining.  The food was on the pricy side and the service, eh, not the greatest. I wasn’t too thrilled with that, but the atmosphere made up for it.  The best part was the dessert.  They make homemade cakes and pies from scratch daily in their bakery.  They came around with the dessert tray and I saw the prettiest PINK cake! I must be in heaven. I love cake and I love pink.  It was called “Pink Champagne Cake”.  You guessed it, I also love champagne 🙂 The cake was simply to DIE FOR! I must have one for my be next birthday. And, if I don’t get one I am going to lye down on the floor and kick and scream! ( I am kidding of course, but that would be quite a sight)

I want a cake, a PINK cake!



















Next day, we had a great breakfast in the cafe, and then off to Hearst Castle!

We did all three tours of the castle.  The grand tour which consisted of the large rooms and theater.  The cottages and kitchen, which included the wine cellar. Finally, the upstairs rooms, which featured Mr. Heart’s Gothic suite.

He was a very interesting and fascinating man. My favorite part of the tours were listening to the stories that the tour guides would tell about William Heart, his life and what kind of man he was.

He was involved in every aspect of designing the castle with his architect Julia Morgan. He purchased fine art and collectibles for the castle from all over the world, all the while operating 98 companies. He was known to be quite a micro manager. It took over 28 years to get the castle built and to this date, it remains unfinished.  You are able to see several areas that are left un-done.  When the castle was given to the State of California, the conditions were that everything be left “as-is”. No changes or improvements.

During one point in the tour, the guide was pointing out the carved wood work on the eaves.  Showing us how the carvings ended too soon because Mr. Hearst kept adding onto the castle and they didn’t have enough wood to complete the project.

It was at this time I noticed Stan and Chris looking over at me with “does this sound familiar to you at all” look in their eyes.  I had a look of guilt and shame on my face.

You see, I have been trying to de-design our website for, I don’t know, going on maybe three years now.  It really is embarrassing to say.  Yes, I keep changing my mind, yes I keep adding on and yes I am driving my team crazy. At the rate I am going, its going to take me 28 years to get this website revamped. <sigh>

I did see/hear some similarities to myself and Mr. Hearst, but hey that can’t be too bad of a thing right? I consider some of these traits to be a great value as business owner, but some times you have to know when to get of your own way.

So, I have decided to remove myself from the process at this stage and let my team handle it. They know what I want, they know what I like and I have to trust them with it.

Truth?…. they banned me, okay?  You probably already figured that though 🙂

I promise you will be seeing a brand new SOON!